A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations, and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition.

A logo is an identifying graphic mark or emblem commonly used by individuals and organizations to aid and promote instant public recognition. In short, your logo is your Brand and this is not only how you are recognized but will become a major part of your reputation. Now we know a good logo when we see it and we know a bad logo when we see it too! A good logo should have both excellent concept and execution. The following are guidelines for you to follow in order to achieve a good logo that stands the test of time.

Your logo should be 'yours'. Do not ask your designer to do a logo that looks like someone else's! Your logo should be unique and represent you. Aren't you unique?

There's always a trend, or fad, that comes about that new logos seem to have. Try not to fall into this trap. Ask yourself how many times you've seen a logo and you thought it looked dated?

No Tricks
Stay away from special effects such as drop shadows, glows, lens flares, etc. It may show the power of the design software but not so much for the strength of your design.

You'll want to place your logo over everything your business does from checks, FAXes, embroidery, newspaper ads, invoices, letterheads, etc. Your new logo has to work on all of them. You'll also need a quality black and white version.

When using your logo, you'll need to be able to use it small. At times, space only permits the logos to be shown very small and it's always the simpler logos that stand out when viewed from a distance. The cluttered logos aren't very recognizable. When it comes to scalability, the text portion of the logo is the most important, as that's the piece you want people to remember. Tiny text doesn't read very well.

Colors are important but they are secondary during design and critical during implementation. Using consistent colors will become part of your brand. Logos that rely too much on color tend to blend together when used small (see above).

Aspect Ratio
The aspect ratio of a logo is the relationship between a logo's height and width. You don't want a logo that's too tall or wide. Similar height and width is always best as this allows the maximum adaptability of a logo.

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