I think Tony is one of the most creative Art Directors I've ever known! He created my logo and overall look for my business, which I love. I told him a few elements I was looking for & he came back with a rendering and the results were perfect! He is kind, insightful, easy to work with, honest, and just a nice guy!

Heather Plyler
Marketing Assistant - Biesse America

Tony tackles every project with professionalism, passion and integrity. He is one you can always depend on to get the job done on time, within budget and to your satisfaction.

Heidi Williamson
Vice President, SSGB, ITILv3 - Wells Fargo

Tony did our advertising monthly for SelecTrucks of Charlotte-Truck Paper for 3 yrs and not one ad was ever duplicated. He is amazing at what he does. We sold more trucks during this period of time than we have in the 12 yrs I have been employed here, I definitely attribute that to the unique ads we had. They stood out immensely, above the rest. I have also recommended his services to a number of my colleagues and friends. Their business has grown to new heights since he's envisioned their brand. I truly believe he is the best artist/creative designer in the business.

April Christenbury
Finance & Insurance Manager - SelecTrucks of Charlotte

Tony is a very talented graphic designer and art director. He is extremely hard-working and is always learning new skills. He has the additional ability to view not only what a project will require from the Marketing Department, but also how it will affect other parts of the company, as well. In one case in particular, his insight saved the company wasted time and resources by pointing out the flaws in a project early on, which forced the initiating department to more thoroughly research their objective and revise their plan. In addition, Tony is a pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any organization.


Michelle Horn,
Marketing Communications Manager at OI Analytical, a Xylem Brand